Leader in the filtration business, over the years we have gained a deep know-how and solid experience that allow us to offer customized and cutting-edge solutions.

For twenty years we have been the reference company for those looking for solutions in applications where high performance is required.
We operate in various fields and for many applications in HVAC, Fuel, PPE, and industrial markets: Gas Turbine, Pharma, Nuclear, petrolchemical, bio-hazard, bio-medical and Hospitals, semi-conductors, food and beverages, Heavy duty and many others.
Our new production lines are able to offer filter materials of different nature and technology: glass microfibre filter media, 100% synthetic material, membranes, melt blown, filter material for pockets in glass or synthetic in different configurations.
Raw materials self-produced and designed for dedicated production processes represent a unique combination of performance on the market.
Our product range of components for air filters, liquids and industrial processes, which includes frames of various nature, sealants reinforcement grids, is unique in the world. The safety containers for Biohazard filter application in BIBO technology, equipped with patents, operator ceilings, walls and filtering terminals complete our filtration range of products.

integrated solutions


Gasoline, Diesel & Oil

Melt blown cartridges for water, crankcase, fuel, oil and gases in depth filtration technology. Gradient porous size allows long life and high DHC. The combination between particles filtration and coalesce properties makes this filter element suitable in diesel and oil filtration. 95% of water separation fundamentally in multijet power engine. The range start from 31-1m up to 50pm.

Raw material, diameter and length are customized for different application.

La micro fibra di vetro è il comune denominatore dell’ampio catalogo di dispositivi filtranti brevettati in 20 anni di attività.
Le nano tecnologie sono applicate a tutti i prodotti SIFA Technology.