Leader in the filtration business, over the years we have gained a deep know-how and solid experience that allow us to offer customized and cutting-edge solutions.

For twenty years we have been the reference company for those looking for solutions in applications where high performance is required.
We operate in various fields and for many applications in HVAC, Fuel, PPE, and industrial markets: Gas Turbine, Pharma, Nuclear, petrolchemical, bio-hazard, bio-medical and Hospitals, semi-conductors, food and beverages, Heavy duty and many others.
Our new production lines are able to offer filter materials of different nature and technology: glass microfibre filter media, 100% synthetic material, membranes, melt blown, filter material for pockets in glass or synthetic in different configurations.
Raw materials self-produced and designed for dedicated production processes represent a unique combination of performance on the market.
Our product range of components for air filters, liquids and industrial processes, which includes frames of various nature, sealants reinforcement grids, is unique in the world. The safety containers for Biohazard filter application in BIBO technology, equipped with patents, operator ceilings, walls and filtering terminals complete our filtration range of products.



Micro-glass filter media for pleat pack filters, wrapped filters and cartridges. Filter media 100% produced with fibre glass EUCEB certified.

Wide variety of applications for industrial processes, ranging from heavy duty, nuclear, coalescer, NBC, ATEX application, oil and liquid filtration, wastewater, food&beverage and sterilization process. In liquid filtration, the reinforced media break down particulate from <1μm to 50μm Iso 16889 hydraulic and ISO 4548 for oil filters.

This media performs in air to break down the airborne particulate matter in size 1pm, 2.5 pm and 10pm.
Filter media 100% produced with fibre glass EUCEB certified and ISO 16890 and MERV 7 to MERV 16 up to submicronic particles in HEPA (E10-H14) and ULPA grades (U15-U16). Multilayer technology allows us to cover all the shades of filtration up to the most stressful and to give different chemical resistances. Antimicrobial and conductive properties are improved in all situations where aerosol or gases can explode for a simple spark generated by an electric discharge.



Pleatable material

Innovative line of non-woven fabrics entirely made of micro, nano synthetic fibers and membrane.

These products provide high mechanical resistance and are 100% incenerible.

Synthetic product: efficiencies between F7 / MERV 13 up to H14 or Hepa 99.99%. These materials, electrostatically charged, are able to achieve the required efficiency standards with a pressure drop of about 10 times lower than normal filtering fabrics used.



MEMBRANE Pleatable material

Membrane is the only non-woven that allows, during post-covid period, to increase protection in HVAC, automotive, passenger transport environments using existing systems. In addition to the speed of action ensured by using existing systems, costs are limited by reducing the initial investment cost.

Innovative line of non-woven fabrics entirely made of micro, nano synthetic fibres and membrane. These products provide high mechanical resistance and are 100% incinerable. Membrane product for Air filtration have efficiencies between H13 up to U15 or Ulpa 99.99%

Membrane is an innovative chargeless filtration technology.

High efficiency with low pressure drop, combined with elevated hydrofobicity and coalescing properties. This average is well appreciated in all areas where boron-silicate fibers are forbidden i.e. semiconductor or food & beverage. All materials can be pleated and offer high performance in terms of machinability.



Glass fiber paint stop media from G2 up to G4 efficiency grade

Glass fiber paint stop media is mainly used for the separation of the solid part of the overspray

in painting chambers. lt is designed to prevent over spray from paint spraying extract systems, to eliminate contamination from the equipment, to prevent spoiling of Painted surfaces and to protect the environment.

SIFA’s paint stop has a wide variety of applications such as: filtration of exhaust air from areas of spray painting in which liquid coating sprays are used; post-filtration in water systems of Overspray-abatement; post-filtration in inertial systems of Overspray-abatement (pleated, boxes, etc.).

SIFA’s glass fibre paint stop media has good resistance to temperature (operating temperature 80 ‘C) and high capacity of dust accumulation. SIFA’s glass fibre paint stop media is available in rolls at different thickness and basis weight.



Glass and synthetic filter media fibers from M5/MERV 9 up to F9/ MERV 16

This media is a non-woven textile filtering fabrics designed to break down the airborne particulate matter in size 1pm, 2,5 pm and 10pm (ISO 16890) or MERV 7 to MERV 16 for high flow rates in civil and industrial sectors.

These particulate filtration grades, are capable of achieving HEPA H14 and ULPA16 grades, which are widely used in hospitals, Pharma, Semiconductors, Nuclear, Biological Laboratories, DPI and so on, with very high filtering capacities coupled with Iow pressure drop.

Filtering materials are capable of reaching the heaviest heights of both Minipleat and deep-pleat technology.

Laminated versions provide high performance in terms of DHC, mechanical strength up to washable tissue solutions. They are available in Antimicrobial version with electrical conductivity properties in all situations where aerosols or gases can explode for a simple spark generated by an electric discharge.

La micro fibra di vetro è il comune denominatore dell’ampio catalogo di dispositivi filtranti brevettati in 20 anni di attività.
Le nano tecnologie sono applicate a tutti i prodotti SIFA Technology.