Just like a seed, our company sprouted in a territory
– the Marche region – where nature still sets the pace of life.
A nature that inspires creativity and pushes us beyond our limits.

SIFA Technology was founded in 2001 on the initiative of the founding partners, Simone Latini and Fabrizio Perini, proposing itself on the market as a manufacturer of filtration components. SIFA divides its business into three interdependent business units: the main one of Filtration, the second one of Thermal insulation and the newest dedicated to AGM battery separators. “Interdependent” because they are linked by a common fil-rouge represented by the diversified use of the same raw material, technologically advanced fibers. Over the years, SIFA Technology has significantly expanded its offer and has embraced the concept of business as a social good focused on caring for people and the environment.In fact, SIFA Technology is a G-Local company, focused simultaneously on the local and global dimensions, being present on four continents.

SIFA Technology supports cultural activities and promotes scientific research through concrete partnerships with companies and universities, with the aim of developing new materials and techniques and stimulating the spirit of discovery in students.

The mature awareness of having to pursue a circular and sustainable economy has helped to bring SIFA Technology closer to the study of new solutions regarding materials. SIFA Technology is a forerunner of the new and current attention dedicated to the environment, infact already in 2006 it entered the market with a patent on biodegradable and eco-compatible products for the filtration component sector. This and other examples, demonstrate that SIFA’s commitment to the environment is a pillar on which the entire business has always been built.




At SIFA we consider the search for new materials and the development of our products as a system of interdependent activities aimed at achieving a single goal:

Improve the health and comfort of civil and industrial environments by reducing the impact of human activities on our ecosystem.

High performances thanks to a range of products with complementary functions. Our integrated solutions aim to meet the complex and diversified needs of the production sectors, with environmentally friendly technologies.

High Tech for life,
SIFA Technology’s evolution.


start up

Sifa Technology started its activity as global consultant on filtration business



Consolidation on the market with products intended for the filtration sector


Green pioneers

Patent on filtering components environmentally friendly and biodegradable


natec ®

Brand NATEC ® birth, the new microglass filter media concept



50% of turnover is represented by exports, the company sells in over 45 countries around the world and in 4 continents



Sales office and logistic hub in USA and India



Microglass fiber is the connection between filtration, insulation and AGM Separator



Launch of Eco by SIFA Technology, our line of eco-sustainable products, made with biodegradable and compostable raw materials


Covid 19

SIFA Technology has been at the forefront in dealing with the health emergency,

supplying the pharmaceutical, hospital and medical sectors.


virtual exposition

Because there are no obstacles

Because we want to impress

Because it is our natural size

Because it makes our vision real:


first social report

SIFA Technology draws up its first social report



SIFA Technology has acquired CMP, operation that confirms the implementation of important strategic assets in the construction of carpentry equipment and systems in the filtration and thermal insulation sectors


customs aeo

SIFA Technology acquires the authorization of customs AEO

Future is today

SIFA Technology was born 20 years ago thanks to an idea and a desire. The desire to put the protection of the environment at the center of one’s work through a continuous technological research of new materials and new processes.

An ambitious but sustainable idea: integrate professional activities with the respect for nature.

What was an idea has become a project that carries with it this vision: to offer solutions for a better future.

Today that project continues to grow and has been enriched with new elements: in addition to filtration, also thermal insulation and battery separators.

Thanks to the vision of SIFA Technology, the future is today, the future is better.