NATEC Panel is currently the highest performing thermal solution on the market. NATEC Panel is characterized by a very low thermal conductivity and a very thin design. NATEC Panel’s features make it the perfect synonymous for Energy saving.


NATEC Core is the heart of the NATEC Panel: it is made of fireproof, bio-soluble nano glass fibres which are produced respecting the environment using CNG instead of fossil fuels. NATEC Core can be used as it is (not-under vacuum) as a fire-proof, flexible insulant.


The NATEC Core, put under vacuum, brings to life an innovative product: an ultra-thin super-insulant called NATEC Panel, with a thermal conductivity value between 0,0016 and 0,0022 W/m*K



  • Reaching of the highest energy classes
  • Λ 0,0016 – 0,0022 W/m*K
  • Getter for vacuum maintenance
  • Anti-condensation effect
  • Fire proof core material
  • Available in thickness from 5mm to 35mm
  • Min sizes 100*100mm
  • Max sizes 900*1600mm
  • Less emissions of CO2
  • 100% recyclable panel
  • NATEC Core’s micro-nano fibre glass EUCEB certified


Thermal insulation is a very important aspect for indoor comfort and energy savings.

Nowadays, EU and international directives are emphasizing the need of reducing energy consumption generated by buildings heating which causes most of the CO2 emissions impacting the environment.

To move forward to this need, it is necessary to adopt the right insulation solutions.

With ordinary insulation materials the only way to increase insulation is to increase thickness at the expense of inside apartment sizes.

With NATEC Panel by SIFA Technology this problem doesn’t exist. thanks to its high levels of insulation in a very small thickness.

Insulating panels for walls insulation (thermal coating or inside insulation); roofs insulation; floors and flat surface insulation; balconies insulation; ready-made homes insulation; mobile homes.

La micro fibra di vetro è il comune denominatore dell’ampio catalogo di dispositivi filtranti brevettati in 20 anni di attività.
Le nano tecnologie sono applicate a tutti i prodotti SIFA Technology.