Research and Development

Thanks to the substantial research and development activity carried out over the years,
SIFA Technology is the reference scientific partner for many leading companies in the sector.

The achievement of numerous patents and quality certifications confirms
the international relevance of SIFA Technology nowadays

Reference point for the innovation

SIFA Technology is highly appreciated for the research, study and development of new materials for the following markets:

A cutting-edge department dedicated to 3D modeling, prototyping and equipped with CNC machines, allows us to follow and accompany the launch of new research projects.

Our activity also includes the analysis of filter cartridges, flat or pleated filter media, multilayer filter media, multiple types of paper and non-woven fabric from wet or dry process.

We study the glass microfibers that make up the AGM battery separator, and all the components used to make
NATEC panels

With a laboratory equipped with SEM (Scanning Microscopy Electronic), X Ray, UV Ray, Infrared instrumentation, and the professionalism of specialized technicians, SIFA Technology guarantees advice and assistance for:

  • Chemical and physical analysis
  • Morphological and structural analysis of the filter
  • Determination of the statistical distribution of the diameter of the fibers
  • Dust accumulation analysis

Why choose SIFA Technology Why choose SIFA Technology Why choose SIFA Technology

Trade area

Our commercial policy based on efficiency, high quality services, constant customer support and immediate feedback, operates in a regime of strict application of the rules required by the most advanced Blockchains.


Through clear procedures and certifications, the entire staff is directly involved and contributes to the quality of services

Research and Innovation

The registered and filed patents certify the high levels of innovation and research pursued.

Shipment and Logistic service

Sifa Technology boasts a widespread network of connections all over the world. Thanks to the partnership with major international carriers and the 18 logistics centers located in Italy and abroad, we guarantee punctual deliveries to all destinations.

Customer service

The pre and post sales assistance service is one of the strongest points of our company policy. The experience and mutual trust built up over the years with our interlocutors have allowed us to guarantee them a personalized service and targeted support for the development of new projects.