Where each employee carries out his part of the business
Where each employee creates mutual trust
Where each employee increases his merit
Where each employee plans new goals
Where every employee is passionate about work

At SIFA Technology we consider our work the way to enrich the territory with innovation, research, passion, seriousness, proactivity, passion and commitment.

Only by creating synergies with different players including companies, schools, universities, institutions, we can create an optimal network, thanks to we enhance the work of people and businesses.

We believe in true collaboration, the one through out companies can respond to the needs of those who live there.

We believe in that collaboration that is never one-sided, and that allows all collaborators to learn from  each other.

SIFA has grown with its collaborators, implementing everyone’s knowledge and skills.

Our dream is that each of our collaborators can get passionate about his work and always propose new solutions to improve ourselves and our company.

SIFA encourages professional growth and the sense of responsibility necessary to achieve satisfying and stimulating professional goals.

In SIFA there are no written Codes of Conduct and Behavior to guide habits and customs

because there are good examples and the sharing of experiences, ways of being and doing.

We offer the opportunity to carry out any kind of curricular and non-curricular internships, PhDs and external collaborations, dedicating resources and time with enthusiasm to the training.

We also offer an environment in which to play because, at all ages, through the playing we discover and develop our best qualities, including curiosity, the spring that makes every new discovery possible.

Being able to carve out spaces for play is fundamental and at SIFA we feed and plan this aspect.

We offer an environment in which you can express your professionalism and genius. We always remain open to equal comparison, dialogue, innovation, change.

We offer the opportunity to learn from our own mistakes and find new ways together to minimize the future possibility of error.

We believe that the work of the future is made up of technical innovation but also of people who, with creativity, proactivity and humanity, can enhance the contribution that technology can provide.

We are therefore looking for curious, honest, goal-oriented, willing people who are passionate about what they do.

We welcome people of all ages into our team because we are strongly convinced that only from the differences we can build rich and enriching paths for everyone.

In SIFA we seek transparency, the desire to build and to reach the top!

We are always
available to meet
new potential
members of our Team!